The Practice

We specialize in the art of landscape and garden design; the art and science of horticulture, and irrigation design. In addition, we undertake cost estimating, thereby giving the Client an idea of the cost of implementing a scheme; contract preparation; and tender action, which involves inviting approved landscape contractors to tender for the work, appraising tenders and advising the Client on tenders submitted.

Also, we offer services related to operations on site; i.e. the implementation of a scheme, which includes attending progress meetings; visiting the site appropriate to the contractor’s programme of action to observe that works are being carried out in accordance with the drawings and specifications; checking and certifying accounts submitted by the contractor; preparing reports as necessary, and generally administering the contract.

Our Logo

logoOur logo reflects the elements associated with the art of landscape and garden design. The pyramid reflects the hard elements found in nature and symbolizes hard landscaping; the green band indicates vegetation, i.e. soft landscaping; the dark blue represents water; the light blue the sky, denoting space – the medium through which  ideas become manifest; and the golden triangle the sun – the giver of life, and which also represents the light illuminating the creative process. The angle of the pyramid and that of the sun correspond to each other signifying the earth’s relationship with the heavens and points to the origin of the Garden.  This idea was inspired by astro-archaeological research which indicates a direct correlation between the pyramids of Egypt and the constellation of Orion, suggesting that the ancient Egyptians were attempting to reflect heaven on earth – an aim entirely in keeping with our own design philosophy expressed in the above illustration.

Geographical Location

Our location, the Kingdom of Bahrain, is an archipelago of thirty-three islands situated in the Gulf of Bahrain roughly at the halfway point of the Arabian Gulf, between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the State of Qatar. Bahrain, the largest island and which gives the country its name, means two seas; this being a reference to the salt water of the Gulf and the sweet water aquifers under the sea bed and which pass beneath the island. These emerge on the on the surface of the sea and until recently the island’s surface, as well, and for thousands of years irrigated the island’s date palm groves.

In early Islamic times, the name Bahrain applied to the entire length of the Arabian coastline, extending from Kuwait in the north to Oman in the South. Thousands of years earlier it was known as Dilmun, the Garden of Eden of Sumer (present day Iraq), and it is said to be the place where Gilgamesh sought immortality. There is archeological speculation that Sumerians after settling in Dilmun eventually departed on a voyage of exploration, finally arriving in the Red Sea and, landing on the western shore, carried their boats overland to the Nile, where they conquered the indigenous inhabitants and founded the first dynasty of the ancient Egypt civilization. Also, there are indications to suggest that Bahrain is the island referred to by the ancient Egyptians as the “Resplendent Isle” or “Island of the Blessed” to which the Pharaoh journeyed on his passage through the under-world, culminating in his rebirth.

Our Principal

john-a-daviesOur principal, John A. Davies, began his career in 1959 when he joined The City of Manchester Corporation Parks Department as a nursery boy. At the age of sixteen he was deemed worthy of being made an apprentice and there followed five years of training in amenity horticulture, which embraced nursery practice, landscape and garden design, including implementation, as well as landscape and garden maintenance. He has undertaken prestigious projects in several parts of the world embracing, tropical and subtropical climates, and is noted for out- of- the-ordinary concepts. He has been described as “a product of the traditional school of English landscape design;” “a builder of the earthly paradise” and “a planter of poems.”

His philosophy aims to please the eye, gladden the heart and nourish the soul, a philosophy inspired by a pavement garden in Chelsea, London – see image below, created by the late Mrs. Doris Henty (a spiritual healer), for the benefit of the community. It was his duty to maintain the garden by planting flowers according to the seasons. Passers-by invariably commented to the effect that the scene “lifted their spirits and touched their hearts.”

chelseaHis work has been recognized by the landscape/horticultural profession at national and international level. He is a fellow of the Society of Garden Designers (formerly the Society of Landscape and Garden Designers); a member of the Institute of Horticulture; an international member of the American Society of Landscape Architects; and a member of the International Federation of Landscape Architects. In addition, he is a Royal Horticultural Society gold medallist and a supporter of the International Tree Foundation, a body dedicated to the preservation and planting of trees – a subject very close to his heart, see images below.

Society of Garden Designers
Institute of Horticulture
Royal Horticultural Society Gold Medal

The Team

We are a multi-national, multi-talented and dynamic team, with skills, as already mentioned, covering garden design, landscape architecture, horticulture and irrigation design. Skills which, combined, provide a comprehensive service ranging from conceptual design, through production of working drawings, through tender action, contract preparation and operations on site, the latter involving supervision, management and administration. With urban designers having joined the team, our skills now encompass the urban scene, embodying the principles of design that lead to the foundations of good health, happiness and prosperity.

History of the Practice

Originally, in the late 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, the firm (which underwent a number of metamorphoses during that period, including design and build phases and absorption by Blanchards plc), was based in London, operating there and the Home Counties, as well as other parts the United Kingdom. Our work then also included Ireland and Italy. Work farther afield included Sri Lanka and Nigeria. In 1982, we began operating in the Arabian Gulf, undertaking design projects in the UAE, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, appointments extending to Morocco.


Registration in Bahrain

The practice was registered in Bahrain in 1994 as a sole proprietorship in response to a government invitation to foreign investors, and followed consultancy work for he Central Municipal Council, and the successful completion of an assignment for the Special Projects Department at the Ministry of Housing in connection with a highly prestigious island development project – see reference under Acknowledgements.