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Some years ago I wrote my first blog. That was in 2015 and this is the first occasion I am writing on social media since then.  One of the factors which prompted me to do so was a question posed by a lady who was attending a talk I was giving about the spirituality of gardens in June 2018 in which I had made a reference to the trouble afflicting the human condition, in particular the conflicts which have resulted in the deaths and suffering of so many people here in the Middle East and elsewhere in the world; also the damage suffered by Planet Earth. This lady asked what could be done to alleviate such issues. A childhood memory immediately flashed into my mind of my mother rebuking me for some misdemeanor and saying, when naughty thoughts entered my mind I must say firmly: “Get thee behind me Satan!” That is how I answered the question, meaning of course, that we should entertain only positive thoughts and eliminate all negative thoughts from our minds, or put another way, the uprooting of noxious weeds from the garden of our minds.


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